Out of Body Experience

The Spiritual Journey

Here you will find answers to questions that you may have about an Out of Body Experience – OBE – such as:

  • Are out of body experiences possible?
  • How does our brain really work?
  • Can we see things that aren’t cataloged in our brain?
  • How much information does our brain process?

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What is perception?

If our thoughts are energy, why is it so hard for us to grasp all of the possibilities?

For Centuries People Have Spoken of Spiritual Things – Such as Out of Body Experiences

Much along the same lines of the age-old question – if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound – this new one has me intrigued.

It has been proven that the reaction in the brain is the same with thoughts of something as it is when you are actually doing them. By imagining taking first place in a race your brain has the experience of taking first place in the race. Only when you choose to remind yourself that it isn’t real or didn’t happen is when your brain no longer reacts as if you had won.

Our brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second; we are aware of only 2000 of those bits per second. This means that each of us does, in fact, have a unique perception, and that perception is not fixed. It varies depending on which bits we choose to process and which we ignore. This would explain why people can be part of the same experience and see it two totally different ways.

Bare with me here. I know what I’m trying to get at. It will just take me a moment to get all the way there.

For centuries upon centuries, different people have spoken of spiritual things such as out of body experiences.

How I Get My OBE On and My Prefered Transportation for OBE Travel

Now, I can lie on my couch on a hot southern day with my ceiling fan on and a particular scent wafting through the house and have an O.B.E. to the tall grass and wildflowers in the field of my childhood vacation home.

I can tie balloons around myself and have an out of body experience of jump in big strides over vast amounts of land and visit downtown Tacoma and Ruston Way. I’ve tried flying, but I get scared and start not believing and fall to the earth. I’ve tried jet-packs, but they are too hard for me to control and too fast for me to really gauge exactly where I’m going. The balloons work by far the best. I have a friend that uses a magic carpet on roadways. Yes, I have visited people. I usually cannot communicate with them, just watch them as if I’m a fly on the wall. I still have a hard time visiting people if I do not know where they are located, exactly. Like, I can’t seem to visit my dad in Arizona because I’ve never been to his home there. I haven’t figured out exactly how to go about that.

On one occasion I did sit in a room with a friend when I had no idea where they were located. It was like we met there. There was a strong connection between the two of us at that time.

Maybe this is all just in my brain, the runner imagining winning first place if you will. My experience, nonetheless, is that of it totally happening. I believe the people that have spoken of these things for centuries let go of their conditioning, or their conditioning was that of believing it is possible. We cannot see things that we don’t believe in or things that we have nothing to connect within the catalog of our brain.

I can’t see a duly gang if I cannot find it in my brain. Only when I see the duly gang over and over and over again does it finally transpire. We have to choose to process those bits of information from the 400 billion we get per second and have faith enough to know that it is real.

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