How an Online Home Therapy Time Can Be A Win-Win for All Involved

Research has shown parents can provide therapy to their child and the therapy they provide is not only effective but, in some instances, even more, effective than a therapist! This is what led to the creation and development of this program.

Online program

This is an online program designed to support and empower parents to provide parent-led therapy at home. The program creates a simple to follow therapy plan and even provides text and email reminders about upcoming home sessions.

The vision

 Home Therapy Time as a vision for speech therapist as well as children has been the challenges many families face with offering therapy to their child who may be developmentally delayed.  Time, cost and finding a therapist who is qualified are all problems that parents discover.  This causes wasted time between therapy periods, lack of skills that carry over from one session to the next as well as outcomes that could be better and faster if the child were only receiving more therapy.

Better experience

This experience led to a vision of what better therapy really could be developed.  It is quite clear that the time children spend with their family’s needs to be harnessed into therapy time.  The research showed that parents can effectively offer therapy to their child – and that seems to be the answer.

Therapy partners

The vision then became that Home Therapy Time, LLC your therapy partner in every sense of the word, will meet the needs of not only parents but also the child needing therapy for speech, occupational therapy, therapy for behavior and social skills, or help with reading therapy.  With this as a therapy vision, parents could be able to save money, see improvements almost immediately by using this program in the home.  This reduces overall expenses for healthcare and parents can enjoy offering therapy to their child.


This seems to be the program that is best for everyone involved.   The benefits of the program become:

  • Outcomes that improve;
  • More convenient;
  • Parents are empowered;
  • Cost savings;
  • Fewer needs for a child later in life;
  • Healthcare savings to both families and healthcare system;
  • Maximizes early intervention.


This program then becomes a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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