Is Consumption Of Cannabis Oil By Children Safe?

Apart from conventional health problems, you never want your child to face any other disease. Being a possessive parent, you would always look for your child’s protection and hence always take a proper prescription. But since few months, the parents are seen to offer Cannabis Oil to their children.

Most of you would be thinking of the valid reason, why parents are taking such a tough step towards their child? Where scientists have claimed numerous health benefits of CBD oil, it is still a confusion for the parents whether CBD consumption is healthy for their children or not?

But before that, you should have a crisp knowledge of CBD oil. CBS is the compound which is derived from the hemp plant. There are many unknown brands that churn out CBD from the marijuana plant, but it encompasses a high level of THC which is not beneficial for health.

There are numerous countries where CBD oil is being offered to children and hence become a popular topic of discussion. There are many childhood diseases that have no effective alternative. And even in such scenario, the children resist the conventional treatment. Hence consumption of CBD becomes the only way to survive and feel healthy. The Dravet Syndrome is one of such diseases that affect hundreds of children and causes seizures.

Now when we talk about the benefit of consuming CBD by children, some of its benefits come under the limelight.

Fight against Brain Tumor:

A brain tumor has become a critical disease that is found in most of the children. The anti-cancer property of CBD has made it possible to curb the symptoms of the brain tumor and hence delivers relief to the children. The research has found that consumption of CBD shrinks the symptoms of brain tumor by two-thirds that brings hope to cure the disease.

Cure Anxiety and Sleep Disturbance:

Since last few years, there have been many cases of harassment with the teenagers. And in such cases, the patient faces sleepless nights with the symptoms of anxiety. CBD cures this problem and gives relief. The consumption of CBD showed positive results on some of the patients attended with CBD Oil.

Cure NHIE and Perinatal Asphyxia:

There are some diseases that affect a newborn baby due to the lack of oxygen. Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy and Perinatal Asphyxia are the two major health problems that affect an infant and causes physical damage. But consumption of CBD has offered positive results to the infant. The scientists have found promising results using CBD that is effective in declining the damages caused by the lack of oxygen.

All the above traits of CBD don’t mean you can add it to the daily diet of your child. Instead, there is a specific amount that you should offer to your child. As per the doctors, 0.5-1mg of CBD per kg per day must be given to your child in 3 doses. But even after this dosage, you should keep an eye on your child. In case of any physical change, you should reach the doctor for further assistance.

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