How to Use the e-Cigarette First Time

Vaping is a healthier option to smoking. It is practically like smoking, but with less harmful effects such as bad breath and smell, no burning, no ashtray, less likely to get cancer and any other smoking-related illnesses.

Briefly, vaping is a name given to the vaporizer (also known as an electronic cigarette). The process involves applying heat to a vapor-generating liquid.

When purchasing a Vape, read the instruction manual that came with the device. It has all the introductory information for the correct use of this device. There are also many stylish drip tips available in the market. One example is KS DRIP TIP Style POM / PEI + Stainless Steel Mixed 510 Drip Tip.

Charge your electronic cigarette via a USB cable for at least 4 hours before using it for the first time. To know if your device is already charged is very simple: check if the charging light is off or that the display tells you that the battery is 100% charged or that the light turns green.

The device has an ON / OFF button, which is usually the same as the one that activates to vaporize (usually 5 quick clicks to turn on and 5 quick clicks to turn off). If you do not hold the button while steaming, steam will not come out.

But beware: you should not push this button without pulling air through the nozzle, because without passing the air through the resistance, it burns! If you feel a few drops of the liquid coming back in my mouth when you pull the air through your mouth, mostly it is normal.

At what time you first use your device, try to fill the atomizer halfway and drip 3 to 4 drops through the nozzle. Wait a few minutes to use. You can repeat this process whenever you change resistance.

The atomizer heats the liquid and creating the vapors to inhale and exhale. The tank is responsible for collecting the liquid that will be “heated” by the atomizer.

The duration of resistance depends on more than a few factors such as time of use, a form of use (or misuse), liquids of doubtful quality, among others. But keep in mind that it should be replaced as soon as you taste a burnt as it is the filter of the device.

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