How is Back Pain Caused? Find Out the Reasons and Symptoms!

You often complain about a strained back, the constant nagging ache that never subsides and keeps on hampering your work. Back pain symptoms stem from various kinds of illnesses which root from the back itself or from any other part of our body. You need to understand how back pain is caused to avoid a painful experience.

Back pains have become pretty common nowadays owing to hectic lifestyle, stressful work life, multi-tasking routine and more. People often ignore these aches at the initial stage and as a result, the pain becomes quite unbearable with progressive days.

So here lies a guide to understanding the causes and symptoms issuing from backaches:

  • Stress and Injury

Your everyday life does not run smoothly and that’s quite obvious! A lot of parallel thoughts keep on running in your mind causing imminent stress build-up. As a result, absent-mindedness increases leading to unwanted mishaps and injury. Injuries also occur from accidental circumstances like slipping off the staircase, bumping over roadside stones while traveling and many more regular accident prone factors. Such incidents result in a back sprain, and you suffer from a throbbing ache constantly.

[Note: Doctors also say that when a person suffers from depression or stress overeating becomes a common phenomenon leading to obesity; the chronic overloading of back muscles.]

  • Sleeping on your tummy

People frequently tend to sleep on their stomachs after an exhausting day at the office. Though initially it seems relaxing and drifts you into a deep sleep it does have certain cons especially surfacing up troubles on your back!

The symptom is known as the “bedtime belly flop” pressurizes your joints muscles. However, sleeping on your back keeps the spine straight and stretched out neutrally. Tummy snoozers must slip in a soft pillow under the hip to release pressure muscle ligaments and disks. A medium sleeping mattress along with a pillow to keep your head in line with the spine can lower backaches considerably. Avoid hard mattresses to evade a stiff back!

  • When you ignore the body core

Understanding how back pain is caused requires a deeper perspective on your core. Your body core comprises a back, buttock muscles, pelvic joints, and side muscles. Ignoring daily stretch exercises to rotate, bend and twist your muscles leads to chronic stiffness. The core acts like a crane supporting your back and thus exercises like planks, lunges, and squats become highly beneficial to release back pain.

“Your back needs your support” – Don’t ignore it!

Upbeat yet hectic cosmopolitan lifestyles come with a lot of baggage. Stress, depression and work pressure brings physical exhaustion breaking up your body. Backaches surface and people find their daily life routine getting hampered. With a correct understanding of how back pain is caused, its time you avoided it and lead a better life!

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