How I Lost 2 Stone In 10 Weeks

We are often wise enough to plan our annual summer holidays well in advance. Unfortunately, though, we do not plan our fitness or weight-loss regime as diligently. This often leaves us with a short space of time to shift more weight. Whilst it is, of course, better to lose weight slowly, there are times when we need a little momentum and to shift those excess pounds quickly – if only they fell off as quickly as they piled on.

However, before you rush off to search for cheap local gyms, read this article to assist you in achieving that goal. There’ll be a degree of hard work, but if you’re ready to commit to that, then read on.

Calorie Deficient

In order for the body to lose weight, it needs to become calorie deficient. That means you need to expend more calories in energy than you consume through eating. However, you cannot simply stop eating, as the body itself shuts down and limits loss out of a sense of self-preservation.

The first thing to do is to accurately count the calories you consume. An honest food diary will help, as will learning to read food labels and properly measure food portions.

Once you know the calories you’re consuming, you can look to exercise to ensure that you become deficient. One such aim is to take the 10,000 steps per day challenge. Using a simple pedometer, or app on your phone, make sure that it’s properly calibrated and thereafter aim to walk those 10,000 steps every day. It equates to roughly 5 miles for the average person.

Document the Journey

We are our own worst critics, often doubting what we achieve, so start on day one with a selfie of your body shape, and then take one at the end of each week. These will show you the changes much better than the scales will (weight can vary up to 2kg on any day). If you feel deflated, look back to the first photo to see how far you’ve come.

The Effort

You’ll need to work, too or, better yet, workout. But don’t feel you have to suddenly become a gym rat; you can do this anywhere. Incorporate exercise into your routine. Take the stairs, not the lift, park further from the office and maybe go out to lunch for a walk. All this will add to the steps, but also it’s good exercise.

If you do go to the gym, think High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for cardio but don’t neglect the weights. Muscle mass burns calories more efficiently than fat and you’ll look better too. Think about going to the gym three times per week.

The slip-ups and weight gain of your previous lifestyle cannot be overcome immediately. For long-term results, you’ll need a healthier lifestyle altogether. However, in the short term, sudden change can bring great results. What’s more, they’ll likely persuade you to be healthier in the longer term too – good luck.

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