Homeopathy For Child

Homeopathy is the best alternative treatment. But when it comes to a child we consider homeopathy as the best treatment method. Homeopathy basically focuses on the root cause of disease & helps to boost immunity to fight with that disease. For a child, boosting their immunity will help in the long run as it will help to build resistance to diseases.

In this article, Dr. Pavan Kumar explains why you should opt for homeopathy for your child. In 2008, he established Sai Gayatri Homeo which is one of the best homeopathy clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. In this article, he explains everything that will definitely help you to choose the best treatment method for your child.

Why Homeopathy?

The reason why we encourage mothers to use homeopathy especially for their children is that it’s a very very natural system of practicing medicine. So, the medicines that homeopaths use are made from very natural products. They have absolutely no side effects and rather than drugging your child with multiple pharmaceutical medications that are available, homeopathy provides a much more natural alternative to that. Along with that homeopathy also encourages a lot of natural remedies. A lot of home remedies, remedies which you probably would have heard from your grandmother who asked you to put honey with ginger when you were having a cough or a cold. So, things like that are very much more encouraged when it comes to homeopathy as taking your drugs.

Availability –

These medications are available at almost any homeopathic pharmacy. A lot of major cities have these pharmacies & luckily homeopathic medicines are available online now. So, if you just Google, you will get a list of websites that will come and deliver the medicines to you.

Homeopathy for Your child –

Parents use homeopathy actually from a very small age for two reasons. One is if the child is repeatedly getting sick like a lot of kids have cold cough tendencies or they have this tendency to develop rashes, allergies, eczema. So, in that case, they want to start homeopathy or some mothers just want to start building up their immune system. If you have a genetic tendency let’s say you have a family history of certain diseases such as diabetes or your dentistry isn’t very strong, they want to just build the child’s immune systems so they are not very prone to those diseases. To do that most people prefer homeopathy at a very young age. So, we can start with homeopathy happily from the first day of life because it has absolutely no side effects. It’s very very safe for the mothers to take and for the kids to take.

Do Kids Get Dependent On Medication?

Not really. So, what happens is it depends from child to child depending on their immune system. A lot of the times the immune system of the mother, of the father all of that determines the genetic makeup of the child. Now if your child is more prone to catching colds and cuffs of course their immunity system is weak & medicine is going to go on for much longer. Because it’s gonna take us a little while to get your child after that level and then take it even further. But some children don’t require the medication for too long. So, when kids come to the clinic and they ask for these immunity-boosting medicines, doctors give it to them but then they keep a break for some time. It’s not a dependency & they can easily get out of it

Homeopathy or Allopathy – What to Choose For Your Child?

So, in a case of fever when it comes to an allopath of course they’re gonna be antibiotics. But what homeopaths do is just simply boost the immune system even at that level. So, let’s say your kid has that fever what homeopathy medicines do is just help the immune system produce more of the WBC’s, more of the lymphocytes so that infection gets killing even faster. So, sometimes with homeopathy, a kid can take medicine for something, and just in the next two while the fever will be completely gone and the infections are gone. We see such kind of cases also but then that depends on infection to infection.

Can Your Child Take Homeopathy & Allopathy Medicines Together?

So, again that depends from condition to condition. In certain conditions, we honestly advised the tuition or lead over myopathy and not do an apathy in certain cases where it’s preventable now let’s say you have a simple viral fever you have a simple cold and a cup we would not advise you to go on to alpha 3 and get dependent on those drugs or even have those kinds of side effects which those drugs have however certain conditions let’s say now with juvenile diabetes now in that case if the child has to take insulin they have to take insulin we cannot stop that. So, along with that then we do homeopathy so it depends from condition to condition. There are certain conditions where we have to stop allopathy. For example, allergies are a very common problem that is seen by moms. It can come up in the form of allergies, eczema, dry skin, or dermatitis. In all of these condition, homeopathy is the best option. Because the creams that you use or the steroids which are normally given all of that are very very harmful. The minute your child is going to go off that steroids, the rash is going to come back. The only reason for allergies is a low immune system which is where homeopathy comes in because it can help to boost immunity. So every disease that can be controlled by boosting immunity can be controlled with homeopathy.

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