Getting Back In Shape with a Personal Trainer

We all get stuck, life happens and what was once a priority to stay in shape is no longer at the top of the list. If you work at a computer everyday, or have been injured and unable to work out, you may be in need of a personal trainer to help you get going. It’s also possible that you have been going but you aren’t getting results anymore. Your reasons may differ from what I listed, but the bottom line is the same, if you need help in the gym reaching your fitness goals then consider a personal trainer like ASAP.

Having a personal trainer to work with can help motivate you on days that you don’t feel like working out. Personal trainers are usually in the business because they love working out, they love the exercise and they especially love the results they get. Many personal trainers also train martial artists. This is why it’s a no-brainer to work with one. Having someone in your corner that lives for this will benefit you beyond belief.

Many people are hesitant about hiring a personal trainer, they can be expensive and you don’t always know what you are getting. Like in any other business there are scam artists out there that will take your money and not deliver on the promises made. We see this all the time in the Gym; there are personal trainers that are just not committed to getting their clients results. Then there are the personal trainers that everyone wants to work with because they are results-oriented. Make sure the personal trainer you choose to work with is dedicated and about results.

Check That They Are Certified

Personal trainers don’t need college degrees, but having certificates to back up claims that they know what they are doing is a plus. You can’t just assume that because someone says that they are a personal trainer that they really know what they are talking about. Does a little research, dig around online, and find out about the trainer before you hire them. There is nothing preventing an average Joe from making the claim, taking your money, and not getting the results promised.

If they say that they are certified make them prove it. They should have some reference material for you to see; most people frame certificates and place them on the wall. If not a physical copy, they should have a digital copy of the document.

Get a Local Referral from Them

If the person is good they should have no problem giving you some referrals, in fact, you can probably show up and observe a training session if they are open enough. Don’t forget to check Linkedin and other online platforms that offer rating systems for clients to leave honest feedback.

Do You Click?

Life is about relationships, and this is no different. You will be spending a lot of time with this person so if they come off as a jerk, chances are that relationship won’t last long. Given the amount of time spent with the trainer, there is a good chance you will be sharing information with them that you typically reserve for your closest friends and family members. You get the point if you think that you are going to stick this out for the long haul, make sure that you are with the right person. Again, you can probably jump in on a session to get a feel for the program but also get a first-hand experience with the personal trainer in action. How engaged is the trainer with the trainee? Are they getting real-time feedback or is the trainer in la-la land staring at his/her phone and talking to other people in the gym. If you are paying for an hour of this person’s time, make sure you are getting it.

Does Their Style of Training Work For You?

Everybody is different, and personal trainers have preferences. One might look more to cardio than resistance training to get results and vise versa. What you will want to know is if their style of training works for you. If you have bad knees and they are focused on squats and box jumps then you will need to either speak up and let it be known or find a trainer with a different style of training that works for you.

Are They Affordable?

There are personal trainers out there that get major results and as a result of that charge a premium for people looking to get serious about conditioning. Personal Trainers for the stars charge far more than your local trainers at the Gym. Some of these people are beyond certified, they hold degrees in fitness and nutrition. They are experienced and successful creating meal plans and helping people get motivated in the gym. Like anything else, you typically get what you pay for but that’s not always the case. Up and coming personal trainers may charge a small fee just to get going, you may find a diamond in the rough.

Does The Schedule Work?

If you like the person, the program, the price, and everything else I discussed then you should find out what the schedule is and see if it’s a fit. A busy personal trainer is probably not going to have prime time spots open right away. You may need to squeeze into a spot that is not ideal, but if it’s the right fit then it may be worth it.

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