Choose an Alternative to Smoking – With Our Guide to Your First Week of Vaping

Smoking is something which was favorite about a decade ago, probably nearer two. People were, without massive consideration for their health, smoking a lot of cigarettes a day. This choice means that when it came down to it, there were a lot of health conditions that caused people to become very ill.

If you’re someone who smokes and wants to quit, it can be difficult. We don’t deny how hard it can be. That’s why we encourage you to look for an alternative to smoking. Something to use while you’re trying to quit. What do we suggest?


That’s right. We wholeheartedly endorse vaping as being the best possible alternative to smoking. It’s a lot healthier, a lot safer and much more pleasant for the people around you.

But how do you start to get into vaping? Getting started can be difficult, so we’re going to take a look at your first week of vaping. What you’ll need, and how you go about getting it.

You’ll need to get your first vaping device to start things off. Any good UK Vape Shop will be able to help you to get a beginning kit, which is very easy to find. For the moment, it’s essential that you familiarise yourself with the basics of vaping before you move onto other things.

There are quite a few different kits, so it’s worth making sure that you go to your nearest vape store and check out all of the different options. When we think about all the options that are available, it can seem overwhelming, but have faith in your local provider, because they’ll be able to help you get started.

From there, you’re going to need to choose an e-liquid. The thing about UK e-liquid is that there are a lot of different varieties, but they all give you a different experience. There will be a small provision of liquid included in your beginning kit, but it’s worth checking the other options to find the one that works for you.

Popular e-juice UK often includes fruity flavors and sometimes more novelty ones, but what works for you is all down to experimentation. If you take the time to work with different e-liquids, you’ll be able to find out what’s best for you.

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That’s your first week of vaping sorted! Once you’re happy with how everything works and want to continue, there’s a whole host of different options you can explore. Whether you move onto sub-ohm vape kits or you choose to stick with the model you’ve got, the choice is yours.

All in all, we implore you to consider vaping as an alternative to smoking. It’s never easy to give up smoking, but there are a lot of rewards to doing so. You’ll find that it’s a gratifying process which needs to be considered no matter how long you’ve been smoking. We know it’s not easy, and we hope that by working with a vaping device, you’ll find things easier.

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