Breaking the myth behind CBD oil usage

Cannabis is a genus of plants that includes a number of species, marijuana whose chemical name is cannabis sativa is one of them, hemp is another plant under the same genus. Although they come under the same head but are completely different when the chemical properties of both of them are compared with each other.

In recent times cannabis has been the center of attraction for a number of researches and studies going on in various universities and laboratories. The reason behind that is the medicinal properties which it holds are beneficial under a number of situations. Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is an oil extracted from the cannabis plant. And many people believe that it is a harmful component which is illegally being used by various companies in a number of medicines.

Is CBD oil illegal?

  • The components of the oil do not contain THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol ) which is banned in many countries and is illegal. CBD is extracted from hemp and not cannabis due to which it doesn’t have THC.
  • As hemp has a negligible amount of THC, so it becomes illogical to consider the oil illegal.
  • CBD is not addictive like THC is, and hence should not be considered illegal. THC is proven to give you a high, and often hallucinations.
  • Rather CBD oil is proven to prevent the after effects which are caused by THC on the brain. These include nullifying the effects such as high. Also, it is used under a number of conditions to reduce the anxiety, stress and relax your body.

The medicinal properties of the oil are opening up slowly and are giving great hopes to people in curing a number of diseases. The ones who are spreading rumors and triggering false news about the CBD oil being illegal, themselves don’t know about the entire picture. They just pass on the information which is being fed to them by certain people.

Being made legal in a large number of countries, the oil extracted from hemp is of great advantage. It is considered completely safe and nonaddictive. The dosage of it can vary from person to person, so it is advisable to start using from a lower amount and gradually increase as per the requirement.

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