Are Producers of Cannabis Oil in Canada Charging Too Much

In Canada, Mettrum uses a CO2 removal that is supercritical to make the Cannabis oil that they are selling. They believe that this method produces a product that is cleaner since there are no solvents.

White flower

Using only the white flower preserves the terpene profile in the flower. They also use the state of the art technology as well as what is up to date for the extraction.

Cost of oils

There is one concern however about these oils and that is the cost. At Mettrum, a single bottle with 40mL of oil cost $90. Officials at Mettrum assert that this is defensible by the excellence of their product as well as the quantity of medicinal content. The 40mL bottles hold about 1000 mg of THC and CBD. At $90, their products cost is $.09 per mg.

Rare MS

But a fellow by the name of Marcel Gignc disagrees about the cost – he just believes these producers charge too much. He has a story on how he used marijuana to cure his rare form of MS that would end his life.

Doing his own research, he found the healing properties of marijuana and started to consume large quantities of the plant – exactly 30 grams each day. But, of course, it is not possible to smoke that much, so he consumed extracts for the medicine he needs.

Nova Scotia

Residing in Amherst, Nova Scotia, he doesn’t buy from producers who are licensed – it cost too much. Instead, he makes it at home by himself with a solvent extraction and he believes it is cheaper. He will tell anyone who listens that cannabis helped him to recover from his fatal form of MS, but he also says his body did the work by having adequate fuel to do it. That fuel was the highly concentrated oil he makes himself.

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