Advantages of All on 4 Dental Implants

It is a sad fact that missing, broken, or damaged teeth can defeat your efforts to gain self-confidence. A less-than-perfect smile can ruin your whole outlook, causing you embarrassment and depression. Fortunately, ProSmiles – A holistic dentist in Melbourne has the skills, tools, and resources to get you smiling again with a whole new look, in record time!

For many people, dental implants are a life-saving solution when fixing missing or broken teeth. Dental implants are sturdy, long-lasting devices made of porcelain and metal, and attach directly to your jawline. You will never have to worry about dental implants coming out, or shifting and rubbing your gums like dentures.

Our expert for all on 4 dental implants in Melbourne will measure your mouth carefully, assess your dental implant needs, then craft precisely the perfect implants for you. Dental implants fit so well and blend so naturally with your other teeth that no one will ever know they are not your own! Dental implants can usually be created and installed in only two visits, so the time you have to wait for your new smile is as short as possible.

Our cosmetic dentist in Melbourne can explain the details of dental implants, and let you know what to expect from the procedure. Depending on why you are having implants, you may have to have some preparatory dental work done prior to the implants being placed. It may even be necessary to extract a tooth prior to placing your implants.

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