Accurate Assessment of Patient Weight

Recording precise body weight is an important part of a patient evaluation and should be done by trained staff using suitable equipment.

Patients admitted

1 in 4 patients entering the hospital is malnourished already so precise evaluation of nutritional requirements are vital from admission onwards to confirm the suitable level of nutritional care is provided.


There has been a lot of P.R. on how important using nourishment tools screening for patients entering any setting for caring and developing and applying a suitable individualised plan of care to guarantee their nutritional needs are met. Direction on support nutritionally for adults’ that all hospital inpatients being admitted to hospital as well as hospital outpatients on their 1st visit to an appointment at a clinic should have a screening too for nutrition finished. It also endorses that all individual centring care homes be screened nutritionally on admission.

Importance of treatment

This is why medical scales and correct medical weighting scales are so important in the treatment of those people when they are entering a clinic or hospital.

Special conditions

While those admitted to a clinical situation who is extremely unwell could be at risk of undernutrition, some groups have a positive risk and should be identified early. They include:

  • Patients with acute and long-term problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Patients with progressive conditions long-term, such as cancer, and dementia.
  • Patients being discharged from hospital newly and
  • Older people.

 Coventry Scale

Coventry Scale is a company committed to providing new and unique medical weighing scales from major companies such as Marsden, Seca, and Shekel. There range of medical weighing equipment is rated Class III trade approval, making them lawful for use in dietitian’s offices, GP Surgeries, physicians, clinics as well as hospitals. They also supply medical scales for nursing homes and care homes.

Vital in most cases

Weight is a vital measure of conditions of patients as well as whether treatment or not. It is also important to newborn baby into the toddler years. This is a vital part of medical care or for those on diets and exercise.

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