The Multiplier Benefits Of The Singular Action Of A Smoker Who Quits Smoking

Take a minute and rummage over the topic, what do you think of it? Any idea?  If none, then let me give a breakdown of what this topic is all about. It quite easy to kick start the smoking habit but breaking off from its stinging addicting pangs is a very difficult task that takes a lot of courage and willpower but what really is most effective way to quit smoking? I would say, only a few have ever gotten to successfully break free and quit smoking. But on a more serious note,  do you know that you will be doing your society, your loved ones, the government, your country and most importantly yourself a whole lot of good if you can just summon up all that courage in you and put an end to your smoking habit?

Most people tend to act more in disservice of themselves, they may say,” I own my body and I can do whatever I like with it” or “who says smoking is bad, something that makes me feel so alive, how on earth is it bad”. All this are just to defend their wrong choices and make it not look bad, but deep inside they know they are suffering. Do you know that if you quit smoking you stand a good chance of impacting many lives? ( question addressed to smokers). Don’t let the thought of “who-really-care-if-I-break-off-from-this-habit” stop you from reaching your desired goal. Just that singular decision you took to quit smoking, you will be surprised has so many branches and fruits that could sprout out of it. Do you want to know, then read on…

Preventing the emergence of new smokers

This point will most likely focus on married men with kids. Research has it that behaviors and attitudes put out by children to the world are gained largely from their parents. What does this have to do with smoking, a married smoker would be raising children that would turn out to smokers. Just that singular bad habit is passed on to create a multiplier effect by producing more smokers offsprings. How about you curb your smoking habit, what does this imply,  your community is saved from having more smokers through you. Now, your kids would not be emulating your smoking habit if you quit. You can also get to be a good role model for your kids and also a good moral educator but sharing your experience as a smoker and telling them the dangers in it. This way, you are making your kids more resistant to the smoking habit. Nobody might know or applaud you for this but deep inside in you know you’ve saved your community, your nations of new emerging thugs and smokers.

Testimony and Hope for others

Do wait until somebody takes the baton,  be the first to.  Be the torch bearer and hope for others. Through you, tens, twenties, or even hundreds of smokers can get the courage to quit smoking. You are impacting and changing lives with your story. Do you know that that short story of yours of how you got to quit your smoking habit could ignite the willpower in that fellow smoker to quit smoking? Yes, it is possible, this is the multiplier doubling effect of that one singular action of yours.

An Asset to your Country

It is no news that the majority of smokers are always found on the bad side of the street. Thugs and hoodlums dominate the majority of the smoker population. Breaking free from this habit will enable you to be a better father, brother, uncle, aunt, and a better citizen of your country.

Quit smoking now and become the root that sprouts out benefits useful for all.

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