5 Tips for an instantly ageless look

Even when your outfit is on point and you’re rocking your makeup look, it’s very important to have a youthful glow, and a healthy skin. Fine lines and wrinkles not only make you look aged, but are also hard to cover with makeup. And since it’s important to look young no matter what occasion, here are a few tips that will help you look instantly ageless.

1. Apply Egg White Mask

Egg white mask helps tighten your skin and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Whisk 2 egg whites and apply all over your face until they dry. Wash with lukewarm water after a few minutes and you will see the visible results and an instantly ageless skin. Keep applying this mask regularly for long-lasting results.

2. Apply cucumber

Eyes are one of the most common sites that show visible signs of ageing. Applying for cucumber works instantly on your eyes, reducing the signs of ageing. And since it’s a natural ingredient, applying it regularly will give long lasting results.

3. Use Retinoids

Retinol has proven to be a very effective solution to a lot of skin conditions, especially wrinkles. It not only increases the collagen production in your skin but also help you get an instantly ageless glow.

4. Use a silicone primer

Never underestimate the wonders that a primer can do. It smoothens your makeup, makes it stay longer and moisturizes your skin. For an instantly ageless look, apply silicone primer before applying makeup as it fills in the fine lines and evens out the skin’s texture.


5. Avoid applying too much powder

Don’t apply too much powder on your face while doing makeup since it sets in your pores and fine lines, making you look older. Just a light dusting is enough to set your makeup and then, you are ready to go.

While all these things will help you achieve an instantly ageless, flawless look, its very important to eat clean, stay hydrated and protect your skin from the sun to ensure a healthy, youthful skin.

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