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Who Can Wear Pearl Jewelry?

We all know that pearl is one of the popular gemstones. It is the birthstone for June born people. Moon is the ruling planet for people whose sun sign is ‘Cancer’. Besides, pearls and moon have a connection i.e. pearls ...

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When should you visit a dentist?

Teeth problems can affect your health very much. Good oral hygiene is very necessary for a healthy body. Teeth problems can also be a sign of any other diseases that might be in the initial stage. Often we ignore bad ...

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The Idea of a Pill That Will Burn Your Fat for You Is an Enticing One, But Also a Lie!

People want pills to magically help them lose weight. We’re sorry to inform you, but there is no such magic pill on the market today. At least not with scientific support to back it! People are today willing to lose ...

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